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The Hair Fairy Project:

What is it? The Hair Fairy Project brings encouragement, humor, and insight to children with cancer on the day they lose their hair. Hair Fairies are like the Tooth Fairy. Mr. and Mrs. Hair Fairy, a loving couple, leave money or a gift, a letter from the Hair Fairy, and the book, H is for Hair Fairy, an Alphabet of Encouragement and Insight for Kids (and Kids at Heart!) With Cancer under a child's or young adult's pillow or in their room on the day he/she loses his/her hair during chemotherapy treatments.

Who would do it and where? The project would be administered through Child Life Specialists in children's hospitals and/or through pediatric oncology offices or through volunteers for the Hair Fairy Project at the child's home depending on where the child is when he loses his hair.

When? On or about the day the child/young adult loses her hair.

Why? To bring smiles and encouragement to children and young adults living with cancer and its accompanying treatments.


To donate to the Hair Fairy Fund to benefit children with cancer
Please make your check payable to "The Hair Fairy Fund" and mail it to:

Indiana Members Credit Union
9710 Butterfly Dr.
Noblesville, IN 46060


The Hair Fairy Project
P.O. Box 362
Cicero, IN 46034