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Thanks to the following people and organizations for their generous donations toward publication. Couldn't have done it without you! It is through your generosity and kindness that the Hair Fairy Project exists to carry out its mission. (This is only a partial alphabetical listing, being updated regularly.)

  • Forrest Bowman
  • Donna Dickerhoff
  • Scott and Beth Dickerhoff
  • Engracia Dougherty
  • Mike and Nancy Ellis
  • Jay and Laura Gardner
  • Dr. Mark and Debbie Gardner
  • Paul and Christie Gardner
  • Richard and Pat Gardner
  • Robert and Kay Gardner
  • John and Ingrid Hook
  • Marlon and Susan Mangus
  • Keith and Dina Martin
  • Libby Miller
  • Mark and Alice Ostendorf
  • Robert and Carol Reynolds
  • Mark and Jannette Salmon
  • Suzanne Swanson
  • Marlene Zink
  • Delta Theta Tau Sorority, Inc., Eta Lambda Beta Chapter

Corporate Sponsors

It is through the generousity and kindness of the following sponsors that the Hair Fairy Project is able to carry out its mission.

Glue Dots International
Glue Dots attach two fun adhesive bandages on the back cover of each book and were donated by Glue Dots International.

Johnson & Johnson Consumer Companies, Inc.
Stars and Stripes adhesive bandages are included in each book were donated by Johnson & Johnson Consumer Companies, Inc..


More Sponsors

BARNES & THORNBURG LLP, Angela M. Berg, Esq.
Providing legal expertise for our corporation to become a 501(C)3 non-profit organization

Scrapbook Corner


Arbuckle's Railroad Place

The following two companies donated casing tumblers used to clean pennies. One tumbler will be used by various schools to clean the coins they collect for the cause.
J & M Hunting Supplies And Marine

Those Included in our Book

Ben's Game images by Ben Duskin, Eric Johnston, and Chris Miles. Make-A-Wish

The ComedyCures Foundation, 1-888-Ha-Ha-Ha-Ha, the 24-hour ComedyCures LaughLine.

Song of Love Foundation

And I would like to thank Brandon Martin for creating and maintaining this website.