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Play Ben's Game.
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The website for the National Childhood Cancer Foundation (NCCF) and the Children's Oncology Group (COG).
Pickle Power [Pickle Power screenshot]
Order The Sheriff Of Fun: Mickle The Pickle, Pickle Power CD. This cd has been inspired by children who have had cancer and children affected by HIV. [ screenshot] [ screenshot] [ screenshot]
Humor Your Tumor [Humor your tumor screenshot]
Dedicated to all individuals (and their loved ones) who are now battling cancer, and to Survivors whose cancer is in remission. [ screenshot]
Buy Hero Beads from the Candlelighters Childhood Cancer Foundations Website. The beads are designed to let children with Cancer commemorate their personal cancer journey. Also sign up for their national newsletter and current childhood cancer information. Check out their Kids Page.

 Hair Fairies
"Come while you're sleeping at night."
"They gather up hair so it's gone from your sight."
"Then leave a surprise that's sure to delight."
"Their mission complete they continue their flight."
- quote from H is for Hair Fairy